Moonalice Legend Book Vol 4 Hardback

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Moonalice Legend

Poster and Words
Volume IV

This beautiful hardbound coffee table book has 208 full-color pages is 9"x12"x1" in size & weighs nearly 4 pounds.

At a time when truthiness and outright fabrication dominate the news and politics it's hard to know what to believe. This book is not only beautiful it's believable. The Moonalice Legend has stood the test of time filling in the blanks of history with nuggets of information that would otherwise exist only in the minds of our tribe. The Legend goes where scholars fear to tread from the extinct redwood hemp forests of coastal California to the secret behind Seabiscuit's racing success to the smuggling prowess of Boomer the Whale. You'll also learn about the silos that almost lead to the Millerton Missile Crisis about marriage equality for butterfly people and about the randy exploits of New Year's Eve and New Year's Adam. This book will introduce you to the amazing Affiches Sans Concerts (Posters Without Concerts) the Desert Potapus the highest pass in the Rockies and the origins of bowling in Brooklyn. When it comes to history there is nothing like the Moonalice Legend.

This book also includes the best poster art of San Francisco created for a band committed to the notion that music art and laughing are good for the human spirit.

The legend continues…

Moonalice Legend Book Vol 4 Hardback