Moonalice Legend Book Vol 2 Hardback

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This beautiful hardbound coffee table book has 256 full-color pages is 9"x12"x1" in size & weighs nearly 4 pounds.

The Moonalice Legend
Posters and Words Volume II

History makes more sense through the lens of the Moonalice Legend. Where history books tell you facts the Moonalice Legend goes beyond fact. In this volume you will learn about the Sancho Panza School for Sidekicks and the Elusive Rocky Mountain River Hippo. Discover how Moonalice created urban sprawl in Los Angeles and missed the ax murders of Lizzie Borden. From the Tribe's role in the Underground Railroad to the smoke signals fo the 420 Moonalice Signal Brigade in the War of Northern Aggression the Moonalice Legend gives you a front row seat for bits of history they don't teach you in school.

It also includes the best poster art of San Francisco created for a band that refuses to be undersold in a world where music is free.

The Legend continues...

Moonalice Legend Book Vol 2 Hardback