Moonalice Legend Book Vol 3 Hardback

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This beautiful hardbound coffee table book has 256 full-color pages is 9"x12"x1" in size & weighs nearly 4 pounds.

At a time when everyone feels entitled to their own interpretation of history the Moonalice tribe turned pro. Like many people we prefer our facts to those of others. And we like our Moonalice legend. Where history books tell you facts the Moonalice legend goes beyond fact. In this volume you will learn about the Moonalice tribal space program and an exceptionally dangerous bird called the Jihadi Whino Puffin. Discover how the early Moonalice hemp trade gave rose to catalog shopping and how Santa Barbara delivered threats to tribal children on April 20. Be amazed at how a book like this one can interweave G. Gordon Liddy with Eggplant Day. The Donner Party and Ashkenaz Moonalice's Ph.D. dissertation demonstrating that it's always 4:20 somewhere. The Moonalice legend gives you a front row seat for bits of history they don't even know about in college.

It also included the best poster art of San Francisco created for a band committed to the notion that music art and laughing are good for the human spirit.

The legend continues…

Moonalice Legend Book Vol 3 Hardback