Moonalice Legend Book Vol 6 Hardback

Moonalice Legend Book Vol 6 Hardback


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The Moonalice legend
Vol. VI • Posters & Words

In a culture dominated by Duggars and Kardashians, there is no better place to hide than the Moonalice Legend! You are about to possess Volume 6 of the Moonalice Legend series, where gaps in your knowledge will be filled with nuggets of information that would otherwise exist only in this book. The legend goes where scholars fear to tread – from the origins of Purple Sunday, to the life and times of Mrs. Natural, to the quadrennial sporting extravaganza that is the M-Lympics. You'll also learn about Morris, the cat with 420 lives and Elmira Fudd Moonalice, who waised wabbits knows as Keister Bunnies.

This book also includes the best poster art of San Francisco, created for a band committed to the notion that music, art, and laughing are good for the human spirit. A year's worth (June 3, 2012 to June 1, 2013) of Moonalice posters and legends is precisely what you need to make sense of the crazy world in which we live.

The legend continues…

Hardcover. 232 pages. 9.25 x 1 x 12.25 inches.

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