Stanley Mouse


    According to Moonalice legend, our friend the famed poster artist Stanley Mouse had a stroke last week. He is recovering very well, but still does not have use of his drawing hand. For that, he will need lots of therapy.

    To support Stanley’s recovery, Moonalice is offering all 38 of his Moonalice and DDS posters, along with a special "Art of the Dead Deluxe Box Set."  All the proceeds from these sales (net of shipping) will go to Stanley.  

    Help Stanley by buying some amazing art.  

    Below is a video Jay Blakesberg made about Stanley a few years ago: Paper, Ink and Rock and Roll - A History of Posters #2 - The Poster Art of Stanley Mouse. It includes some great interview footage.  

    Thank you,

    Barry, Chloe, Dylan, Erika, Jason, John, Lester, Mookie, Pete, Rachel & Roger

    40 products

    40 products