Purple Butterfly Tee - Women

Purple Butterfly Tee - Women


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  • Anvil 4.3 oz. lightweight tee
  • Preshrunk combed ringspun cotton (100% cotton)
  • True to size. See size chart.

Alexandra Fischer created this beautiful butterfly design for the Good Old Days Festival on April 15, 2018.

"According to Moonalice legend, life is full of mysteries and surprises. Those of you who were at yesterday’s show learned the answer to the mystery of why monarch butterflies migrate to Pacific Grove. We reported that they followed the Pied Piper of butterflies, the sea tortoise, Yertl Moonalice. Then last night I got a call from a representative of the butterflies, who explained that Yertl was a couple tokes short of a buzz. He has no sense of direction and depends on the monarchs to find his way here. The real story is told by today’s poster by Alexandra Fischer. It depicts Pacifica Moonalice, the monarch whisperer … Every spring, Pacifica whispers the magic words, “Good Old Days” and the butterflies catch the nearest breeze north. They pick up Yertl south of Baja and escort him here."

Poster ArtistAlexandra Fischer
Band ListMoonalice